EXP Share League December Wrap Up

EXP Share League December Wrap Up

Well the last EXP Share meet up was a smashing success. The turn out was strong, the competition was friendly but serious, and good times were hand by all. The prize money for the championships continues to grow as well, but more on that later!

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A Pokèmon Master’s Guide to the Minnesota Wild

This piece, written by EXP Share super fan Tony Wiseau, originally ran on the friend of EXP Share website Hockey Wilderness.


With Pokèmon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire being released, we ask the only question that matters: Which Pokèmon would be the perfect partner for each Minnesota Wild player?

Today is a pretty exciting day for me, as the newest installment of Pokèmon hits the shelves. By the time that you are reading this, I will have a copy of Alpha Sapphire in my 3DS, and will be playing it until I pass out.

“Great”, you may think, “What’s this got to do with hockey?”

It turns out that hockey and Pokèmon are more similar than you might think. Being a Pokèmon Trainer and a Hockey Coach essentially boils down to having the same goal: To utilize the unique talents of your 6 players in such a way that that you can consistently gain an advantage against a variety of opponents. That’s it. The teams that can do this well consistently win, and the ones that can’t struggle to do so.

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Team Machine with David, Ep. #1 – Mega Sceptile and Friends

EXP Share is most verily pleased to announce a wonderful new series by David Staniusz, top competitor in the EXP Share League and all around team building pro. In this series Dave will go through the process and reasoning behind his teams to teach you to play ball like the masters.

In this episode Dave builds a balanced team around the mega pokémon Mega Sceptile. Here’s the team: Mega Sceptre, Klefki, Weavile, Azumarill, Rotom-Heat, Talonflame.



Hit the break for the move sets and other details.

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